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Introducing CyberWasp by CyberSophy—a cost-effective yet robust cloud-based Web Application Firewall (WAF) solution. Engineered for uncompromising security, CyberWasp safeguards your digital assets with confidence. Benefit from advanced threat detection and seamless integration to fortify your digital ecosystem. 

How does it work? 

CyberWasp functions as a secure gateway for your web applications. By redirecting your application’s DNS entry to the CyberWasp WAF, it filters out malicious traffic before it reaches your website. Leveraging advanced security protocols and real-time monitoring, CyberWasp provides comprehensive protection against known and emerging cyber threats. Built on trusted open-source platforms like NGINX and ModSecurity, and deployed on AWS for seamless scalability, CyberWasp ensures robust security for your digital assets with ease. 

What does it protect against? 



Attack Analytics 

Uncover insights into attempted breaches and their origins with comprehensive analytics. 


Real-time Logging 

Stay ahead of threats by monitoring security events as they unfold, providing immediate insights for proactive defense. 


Access to Raw Logs 

Retrieve unprocessed log data for further scrutiny and compliance needs. 


Customized Block Pages 

Craft tailored block pages to reflect your brand identity and communicate effectively with visitors. 


High Availability 

Retrieve unprocessed log data for further scrutiny and compliance needs. 


No Hardware or Software Tuning Required

Stay ahead of threats by monitoring security events as they unfold, providing immediate insights for proactive defense. 


SSL/TLS Encryption 

Prioritize security with mandatory SSL/TLS encryption for end-to-end data protection. 


Comprehensive Testing and Optimization

Benefit from meticulous testing and optimization efforts, minimizing false positives and negatives to provide precise protection. 

Latency Highlights (between our WAF and - ) 

  • US region: 0.6-0.8 ms 
  • Europe region: 0.4-0.5 ms 
  • Asia region: 0.14-0.15 ms  
  • India region: 0.05-0.06 ms 

Payload Highlights: 

CyberWasp can handle 1,00,000+ payloads across various categories/


Our SaaS solution, CyberWasp, sets itself apart from other WAF platforms and products in the market by providing a streamlined experience. Unlike competitors, CyberWasp doesn't overwhelm clients with numerous components and varied pricing models. With CyberWasp, there are no limitations on the number of rules that can be enabled or disabled based on pricing tiers. In version R1.0, CyberWasp doesn't bundle add-ons like CDN or Load Balancing, ensuring clients only pay for what they truly need for their business.  Our per URL per Year Pricing can be obtained from our Business Development team at info@cybersophy.net 

Product FAQs

CyberWasp is a Web Application Firewall (WAF) designed to protect your web applications from various types of attacks. It utilizes popular open-source technologies like Nginx, ModSecurity, and the OWASP Core Rule Set, along with Filebeats and Logstash for log management. 

The deployment process is straightforward. Once you sign up for CyberWasp, you only need to point your domain’s DNS to our AWS server. The changes typically reflect within 10-15 minutes. 

  • Comprehensive protection against web-based attacks, including those listed in the OWASP Top 10. 
  • Flexible deployment on AWS, with easy integration by pointing your domain’s DNS to our AWS server. 
  • Interactive dashboard for monitoring and managing your protected domains/subdomains. 
  • Two modes of operation: Block mode (actively blocks attacks) and Transparent mode (monitoring only) 
  • Efficient log management and filtering, with logs stored in a database for easy analysis. 

CyberWasp offers two modes of operation: 

  • Transparent Mode: In this mode, CyberWasp monitors and logs all traffic without actively blocking any requests. This mode is useful for an initial observation period (typically 2 weeks) to understand the traffic patterns and fine-tune the rules if necessary. 
  • Block Mode: After the observation period, CyberWasp can be switched to Block Mode, where it actively blocks detected attacks based on the configured rules. 

 The transition between modes is seamless and takes less than 10 seconds. 

The CyberWasp dashboard is highly interactive and user-friendly. It features a dropdown menu at the top, allowing you to select and monitor specific domains or subdomains under your protection. The dashboard provides real-time insights into traffic patterns, blocked requests, and other relevant information. 

CyberWasp is a fully managed solution, with our team handling all updates, rule maintenance, and log management. We continuously update the WAF rules to ensure protection against the latest threats and vulnerabilities. 

Yes, CyberWasp is designed to comply with relevant industry standards and best practices for web application security, including the OWASP Top 10. 

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